Boating Under The Influence

Each year, people flock to South Carolina's coast and waterways to enjoy boating, water skiing and other water sports. For many people, this pastime also involves alcohol use. If a police officer has probable cause to believe the operator of a vessel is impaired by alcohol or drugs, the operator may be arrested for boating under the influence (BUI).

Penalties for boating under the influence include fines of up to $6,000 and up to three years in prison. You may also lose your privilege to operate any vessel for up to two years and be required to complete a South Carolina boating safety course at your own expense.

Just as penalties for DUI get more severe with each past offense, BUI may also be charged as a felony in certain circumstances.

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At the Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey, I help people mitigate the damage of criminal charges. If you have been accused of boating while impaired, I can help. With office in Columbia, I have been practicing criminal law in South Carolina for more than 30 years.

If you are operating a boat on the water, you are considered to have given "implied consent" to a chemical test or analysis of your blood alcohol content (BAC). However, law enforcement officials and prosecuting attorneys are regulated by strict standards for taking, handling and interpreting this evidence. I will make sure no harmful evidence is presented in your case if it was collected unlawfully or handled improperly.

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