Felony DUI

While any DUI conviction has the potential to disrupt your life, repeat offenses and felony charges carry potentially devastating penalties, including significant jail time. At Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey of Columbia, South Carolina, I understand what you are up against. I will fight zealously on your behalf to defend you against the full brunt of the law in these matters.

Columbia Area and Lexington Aggravated DUI Attorney

I represent clients in a wide range of DUI matters. This includes:

  • Repeat offenders — I review previous convictions to determine if they are appropriate to enhance your case. I will also work to mitigate the charges at hand, carefully reviewing for inconsistencies in the prosecution's case against you.
  • Death or bodily harm to others — If you have been involved in an accident that involved a fatality or bodily harm to another individual, you will likely be facing felony DUI charges.
  • Children in the vehicle — Involving children or minors in a car accident may result in a separate charge.
  • DUI while driving on a restricted or suspended or revoked license — I will investigate the circumstances surrounding the suspension of your license and how they apply to the case at hand.

Felony DUI charges always bring with them enhanced penalties, including significant jail time and fines. I will review the details of the DUI stop to find inconsistencies and errors by law enforcement. I will use our efforts to have the case resolved in a way that's best for you.

Where the case against you is strong, if appropriate, I will discuss with you the presentation of mitigating factors to minimize the impact of the charges on you.

What is applicable to felony DUI is also applicable to boating. If you have been involved in a boating accident involving intoxication where an individual was injured or killed, you are facing significant charges. I can help.

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