Drug Possession

Drug possession cases range from simple misdemeanor charges to serious felony offenses, each with the potential to disrupt your life. At Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey of Columbia, South Carolina, I provide the staunch defense that our clients need as they face these intimidating charges.

Columbia Drug Possession Attorney

I often represent clients in matters of possession of drugs and controlled substances. These are often lesser charges with reduced penalties and involve individuals who merely had the substance on their person with the intent of using it themselves without sharing. I may be able to get these charges thrown out, and I also assist clients in the expungement of these charges from their records.

I am also prepared to represent clients facing charges of possession with intent to distribute drugs and controlled substances. The penalties for these drug possession cases increase with the nature of the charge and the amount of drugs allegedly possessed. I am prepared to represent clients with charges of possession and possession with intent to distribute. I will fight the matter for the best possible result for our client.

The prosecution must be able to prove that you intended to provide the substance to someone else, whether by sale or not. I will fight the matter and show that you were not intended to do so.

Columbia Area and Lexington Possession of Marijuana Attorney

I have extensive experience in these types of cases. Representation often includes an investigation into the circumstances of the search and seizure used to find drugs on your person. I utilize all details in the case to promote the client's best interest. Often law enforcement makes common errors in these situations, and I know how to bring those details to light.

To fully understand the details of your case and stay one step ahead of the prosecution, I provide clients a initial consultation at no charge. To arrange a meeting with a skilled criminal defense lawyer, please call my office today at 803-779-3363.