White Collar Crimes

At Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey of Columbia, South Carolina, I represent clients in matters of white collar crime. These are often complex issues that require highly knowledgeable representation. I have experience in this type of case and can proactively approach the case against you.

Columbia Area and Lexington South Carolina Fraud and Embezzlement Defense Attorney

I painstakingly sort out the details of the case and review all documentation. I will look for the evidence needed to build a claim that you did not knowingly break that law, or take steps to mitigate the penalties.

I also carefully review the prosecution's case tol stay one step ahead at all times, prepared for anything that may come out in court, ready to counter.

I am prepared to handle a wide range of white collar crimes and fraud. This includes:

You can be assured that I will thoroughly investigate the matter and prepare your case. I have the experience and understanding you need for the successful resolution of your case.

Contact a Columbia White Collar Crimes Attorney

During our initial consultation, I will listen carefully to fully understand every detail and circumstance surrounding the allegations. I am committed to providing a thoroughly prepared defense of your interests.

To arrange a consultation with a skilled white collar crimes defense lawyer, please call my office today at 803-779-3363.