Embezzlement charges often develop when people who manage funds for organizations, businesses or institutions are accused of misappropriating funds for their personal use. These charges typically involve substantial sums of money, resulting in aggressive prosecution and, sometimes, media scrutiny.

I am Jonathan M. Harvey, a white collar criminal defense attorney with extensive experience in both state and federal embezzlement matters. If you have been charged with embezzlement or suspect you may be under investigation, I can help.

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In addition to being a trusted and respected criminal defense lawyer, I know how to help clients through the personal and emotional challenges that come with criminal charges. I frequently represent clients who are concerned about protecting their reputation. I can help you protect your interests in and out of court.

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If you are being accused of embezzlement or another financial crime, do not hesitate to start protecting your interests. The best way to understand and exercise your rights is to seek counsel from a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Please call my office in Columbia, South Carolina, at 803-779-3363 or contact me via email to arrange a free, confidential consultation.