Cases involving criminal fraud are typically filed at the federal level, which means red tape, harsh penalties and a complex court system. At the Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey, I have been involved in federal court cases for over two decades.

I represent corporate and individual clients who have been accused of many types of fraud, including:

  • Bank, mail and wire fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Securities and investment fraud
  • Tax fraud and evasion

Building Relationships To Help You Succeed

At many law firms, you will have limited access to high-level attorneys while their less experienced colleagues work on your case. However, at the Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey you will work exclusively with me. I bring the benefit of my experience and success to the attorney-client relationship.

In addition, I leverage my relationships with colleagues, courts and prosecutors to pursue favorable results for clients. By knowing the opposition and understanding their goals, I can frequently arrange an outcome that is fair to my clients. If going to court is the best way to protect your rights, you can rely on me to mount an aggressive defense and fight for your future.

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As soon as you become a suspect in an investigation, the opposition is gathering evidence and building a case against you. Level the playing field by retaining a former prosecutor and proven defense lawyer who can protect you at every step.

For an honest assessment of your case and advice about your options, please contact my office at 803-779-3363 for a free initial consultation.