Drug addicts need treatment, not jail time

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After a drug-related conviction, the punishments you may face tend to vary based on factors, such as the severity of the crime itself and where the crime occurred. While you may have to serve jail time for your offense, drug offenders in many areas may have the option of participation in drug court as an alternative to imprisonment. While drug courts hold you accountable for behaviors by making you adhere to strict regulations, such as regular drug tests and appearances in front of program administrators, they also help combat what is often the root of the problem: your addiction.

Drug courts have a proven, established record of success. Evidence shows they benefit you and your surrounding community, and they do so in the following ways.

They save considerable money

When compared with the expenses of housing in a traditional jail setting, allowing you to participate in a drug court costs less. So much so, in fact, that statistics show taxpayers save up to $3.36 for every $1.00 invested into drug court. Drug courts also tend to reduce the chances of you coming through the court system again because of other drug-related crimes, saving taxpayer money once again.

They minimize crime

A number of studies examine the impact drug courts have on crime, and the effects they have on it are undeniable. About three-quarters of all who complete drug court programs remain free from arrest two years later, and these programs are also shown to reduce crime by up to 45 percent in comparison with jail time and other potential penalties for drug crimes.

They improve compliance

If you have ever tried to kick a drug addiction “cold turkey” or without professional assistance, you probably understand just how difficult a task this can be. It can be so difficult, in fact, that about 70 percent of drug addicts leave treatment if the court system does not require it. Drug courts are strict and highly supervised in nature, and this can make it considerably easier for you to successfully kick your habit.

Drug courts help you and your surrounding community in other ways, too. If you have children, you and your children are less likely to spend time apart because of your participation in the program. Drug courts also have verified positive impacts on meth addiction, which can be tremendously tough to beat. If you are facing a drug charge and want to know if drug court may be an option for you, consider speaking with an attorney.