Domestic Violence: Make Your Voice Heard

Charges of criminal domestic violence, or CDV, in South Carolina are extremely serious. If the police have been called to your house in response to a domestic altercation, chances are high that someone will be taken to jail. If you have concerns about your rights in a domestic dispute, contact the Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey as soon as possible.

I am Jonathan Harvey, and I have helped many individuals fight charges of domestic violence. I know how to minimize the penalties and get you back to your life if you are facing charges or false allegations of:

Protect Your Rights And Make Your Voice Heard

If you have been arrested or accused of domestic violence, do not talk to the police or give any kind of statement without consulting an attorney. Often, law enforcement officials will try to make you talk by saying they just want “your side of the story.” Remember, anything you say can be used as evidence against you in criminal proceedings.

The only person who is truly interested in hearing your story and protecting your interests is your defense lawyer. I work strictly for you, which means that I will always act in your best interests.

Call Today For A Consultation

For the best results if you have been charged with a crime, contact me as quickly as possible. I can advise you of your rights and how to best protect them, then begin working on your defense and pursuing every available option. For a consultation by phone or at my Columbia, South Carolina, office, please call 803-779-3363.