False Allegations Require Defense

Domestic abuse is a terrible reality for many families. It is essential that legitimate charges are taken seriously and the safety of victims is protected. However, false allegations of domestic violence threaten the freedom of innocent people and undermine legitimate claims.

At the Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey, I provide vigorous defense and dedicated representation to individuals who have been falsely accused of domestic abuse and neglect. As a former prosecutor and defense lawyer for more than 35 years, it is my job to defend my clients and force the prosecution to prove its case. I do not accept bad results for my clients based on false allegations.

Why Would Someone Lie About Domestic Violence?

Many factors can go into false allegations. A spouse may use allegations of domestic violence to his or her advantage in divorce or custody proceedings. A child may make accusations when he or she is unhappy with something a parent did. In addition, the alleged victim may fear that telling the truth will get him or her into trouble for lying in the first place.

Often, the prosecution is more interested in securing a guilty verdict than finding out what really happened. I will review every piece of evidence and look for every possible defense. If there is a way to prove that the allegations against you are false, I will find it.

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