Get Help With Restraining Order Violations

At the end of some domestic violence proceedings, the judge will put into place a restraining order — also known as an order of protection — that prohibits one party from going near the other. Courts and law enforcement officials take these orders very seriously. As a result, charges of violating a restraining order can result in years in prison.

At the Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey in Columbia, South Carolina, I represent individuals throughout the state who have been accused of violating restraining orders. First, I will work with you closely to help you understand the requirements of your restraining order. Once we have determined what you can and cannot do under the law, I will begin building an aggressive defense against the charges you are facing.

An Experienced Lawyer For Serious Charges

Violations of restraining orders or orders of protection can result in prison time up to one year or fines of up to $1,500. A violation may also affect your criminal record, and keep you from seeing your children, securing employment or living where you choose. With such significant consequences, it is essential to do everything possible to protect your interests.

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In all matters involving criminal charges, it is vital that you act quickly to protect your rights and preserve important evidence. Do not speak with police or give anyone a statement before contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney. I encourage you to call 803-779-3363 for a consultation as soon as you are accused of a crime.