Field Sobriety Test and Breathalyzers

When one of my clients has been charged with a DUI or drunk driving-related charge, I immediately investigate the stop and the methods used to charge my client. At the Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey, I have the experience needed to immediately find the errors made in charging an individual with a DUI, and you can be assured that I will fight aggressively to protect your rights.

Columbia Field Sobriety Test Attorney

A standard field sobriety test can be influenced by many factors and conditions. For instance, an individual asked to walk a straight line or heel-to-toe may be wearing heels or have a pre-existing injury that affects his or her walking performance. In other instances, the field sobriety test may be performed in bad weather or other difficult decisions that influence the test result.

Law enforcement will often use this against the individual, even though it does not prove intoxication. I will fight these assumptions. In South Carolina, the legislature requires incident site video tapes. I review the law enforcement video tapes thoroughly, carefully watching the scene play out. You have rights in this situation, and I will fight to ensure that they are protected.

Columbia Area And Lexington Breathalyzer Testing Attorney — Challenging Breathalyzer Tests

If you have submitted to a Breathalyzer test, I will review the testing procedure for compliance with state law, as well as other legal issues that may affect the prosecution’s ability to use the breath test or a breath test video.

Even if you have submitted to a blood test, I will carefully review all aspects of the blood test, including the manner in which the blood was drawn, where it was placed and how it was transported.

My experience in DUI defense makes me highly effective in fighting these charges. I know exactly where mistakes are commonly made and what to go after as I fight to protect your rights.

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