What Do You Know About Property Crimes?

When you hear the phrase “property crime,” you may immediately think of vandalism. You would be right, but a property crime can also involve theft, larceny, arson, embezzlement, shoplifting and other crimes. If an action causes destruction to another person’s property, it is likely going to be treated as a property crime.

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Examples Of Crimes Against Property

Property crime can come in many forms. Consider the following behaviors that cause destruction:

  • Burning down someone’s backyard shed
  • Taking a hat from a sport’s store
  • Robbing someone and pretending to have a gun while doing so
  • Hiding stolen property for a friend
  • Stealing a car

While the individual who owns the property may not have been physically harmed, the property was. For example:

  • Burning down someone’s property is arson
  • Taking something from a store is shoplifting
  • Faking that you have a gun to steal from someone is “strong arm robbery”
  • Hanging on to stolen property is receiving stolen goods
  • Taking a car that isn’t yours is grand theft auto

When you take a phrase and assign it a legal term, it suddenly becomes clear that you need a defense lawyer’s help.

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