College Students Can Learn From Their Mistakes

It is rare that a college student goes through his or her college years without making a mistake or two. Some types of mistakes, however, are criminal in nature and require attention from a defense attorney.

At the Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey in Columbia, South Carolina, I have more than 35 years of experience defending the rights and futures of college students. Whether you or your child attends the University of South Carolina or any of the other area colleges and universities, I can assist in handling this sensitive and important matter. For an initial consultation regarding criminal charges against college students, call 803-779-3363.

Will One Decision Define Your Future?

When college students face a criminal matter, the charges typically involve alcohol and/or drugs. Commonly, these are seen in situations where a student has:

If you are a parent who is looking for representation for your son or daughter, I can tell you this: I know that you are worried about your child’s future, and I have extensive knowledge of how to handle the defense strategy. While your child may have committed a crime, or have been suspected of committing a crime, that does not make him or her a bad person. One mistake as a young adult does not have to derail his or her plans for the future.

As the college student’s defense lawyer, I work strictly for him or her. I will always act in the best interests of the student. For some, it results in a learning opportunity to think twice before succumbing to peer pressure. For others, it may result in drug or alcohol counseling and a second chance.

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