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Under South Carolina law, assault and battery is one offense. Assault and battery is a felony when the victim sustains great bodily injury, when great bodily injury is likely or when assault is committed during the commission of another felony or sex crime.

Regardless of the circumstances, assault charges are very serious. At the Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey, I can help you minimize the effects of these charges on your life. I have helped many clients fight charges of assault and battery by getting their charges dismissed, pleading to a lesser crime or securing a not guilty verdict in trial.

More Than 35 Years Trying And Winning Assault Cases

There are three degrees of assault and battery, all of which carry different penalties:

  • First degree — Assault and battery in the first degree occurs when the victim suffers injury, and the assault includes nonconsensual touching of the victim’s genitals in a lewd manner or occurs during the commission of a theft, robbery, kidnapping or burglary.
  • Second degree — Second-degree assault typically results in moderate bodily injury, or could have resulted in moderate injury requiring medical attention. This offense is a misdemeanor, but could carry up to a three-year prison sentence.
  • Third degree — Commonly called a simple assault or common law assault, this charge is applicable when the defendant injures, or attempts to injure, someone else. Sometimes more serious assault charges can be pleaded down to third-degree assault.

As a former assistant solicitor in the Columbia/Richland County Office of the 5th Judicial Circuit Solicitor and an assistant attorney general in the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office, I have firsthand experience with the tactics prosecutors use to pursue a case. As a defense lawyer, I vigorously protect my clients’ rights while taking steps to counter the opposition.

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