White Collar Crimes

At the Law Office of Jonathan M. Harvey of Columbia, South Carolina, I represent clients in matters of white collar crime. These are often complex issues that require highly knowledgeable representation. I have experience in this type of case and can proactively approach the case against you.

Columbia Area And Lexington, South Carolina, Fraud And Embezzlement Defense Attorney

My representation is more than just a simple transaction. I develop a strong relationship with each client to ensure our goals are aligned and I am providing the best possible defense. The better I know you, the better I can tailor your strategy for success.

In addition to being a trusted and respected criminal defense lawyer, I know how to help clients through the personal and emotional challenges that come with criminal charges. I frequently represent clients who are concerned about protecting their reputation. I can help you protect your interests in and out of court.

I am prepared to handle a wide range of white collar crimes and fraud. This includes:

You can be assured that I will thoroughly investigate the matter and prepare your case. I have the experience and understanding you need for the successful resolution of your case.

Contact A Columbia White Collar Crimes Attorney

During our initial consultation, I will listen carefully to fully understand every detail and circumstance surrounding the allegations. I am committed to providing a thoroughly prepared defense of your interests.

To arrange a consultation with a skilled white collar crimes defense lawyer, please call my office today at 803-779-3363.