Growth In Tech Leads To More Computer Crimes

The tremendous growth of technology and the internet in recent years means that people are more connected than ever before. In addition, governments and law enforcement agencies have created new laws to classify and punish criminal activity that takes place over computer networks. In South Carolina, computer crime is a term used to describe a wide variety of offenses.

I am Jonathan M. Harvey, and I have been practicing criminal law in South Carolina for more than 35 years. In my time as a defense lawyer, I have seen the area of computer crime grow rapidly.

This area of the law is highly complex, requiring an understanding of highly technical laws as well as the latest technology. I will make sure the government acted properly in securing and interpreting evidence so you are treated fairly.

Because most computer networks cross state lines, these matters are frequently tried in federal court. My clients appreciate that I have been practicing in federal court for decades. I am familiar with federal computer crime laws as well as the court rules and procedures that can make or break a case.

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